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Hindu directory

by Roger Garin-Michaud

my Hindu bibliography

is here

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some links for those who have an interest for sanskrit

  1. To display the Devanagari script in your Internet browser
  2. To test the display of the Devanagari script in your Internet browser
  3. Alkhemy online Sanskrit-English Dictionary
  4. Bharati online Sanskrit-English Dictionary
  5. Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
  6. Digital dictionaries of South Asia (UChicago)
  7. Le dictionnaire Français Sanskrit (FRASKT) d'André Signoret
  8. Monier Wiliams Sanskrit English digital dictionary (Koln university)
  9. Samskrt com
  10. Sanskrit- documents list
  11. Spoken Sanskrit online dictionary

Pilgrimage places

  1. Muktinath
  2. Muktinath map
  3. Muktinath Shiva-Parvati Mandir
  4. Salagrama Sila
  5. Salagrama map

Indus Valley Civilization

  1. Dholavira
  2. Ganeriwala
  3. Harrapa
  4. Indus Valley Civilization
  5. Kalinbangan
  6. Lothal
  7. Mehrgarh
  8. Mohenjo Daro
  9. Rakhi Garhi

Hindu mailing lists on Yahoo

  1. AIVS (American Institute of Vedic Studies)
  2. Devi Mandir
  3. Devipuram
  4. Kali Ma
  5. Shakti Sadhana

here are some links to web sites related to Hinduism

  1. Advaitins Home Page
  2. Ageless wisdom of Sri Vidya (Polish & English)
  3. Amritanandamayi Devi (AMMA)
  4. Ancient India at the British Museum (London, UK)
  5. Ancient India and Iran Trust (Cambridge)
  6. A tribute to Hinduism
  7. Audarya Darshan
  8. Ayurvedic bibliography
  9. Bhagavad Gita (full text in English)
  10. Bharat Swabhiman Trust (hindi only here)
  11. Belief net Hinduism
  12. bibliographie hindoue francophone (bibliography of Hindu books in French)
  13. Biographies of Hindu Saints
  14. Caste System in Hinduism
  15. CyberIndia: Religions of India
  16. Darshana UK
  17. Dewanand (Hindu website in Dutch)
  18. Devotional Hinduism
  19. Dharma
  20. DK agencies (books on India and Indian religions)
  21. Download page of Swami Prabhupada's books
  22. Dvaita Home Page
  23. Encyclopedia of Hinduism Home Page
  24. Experience Festival
  25. Facets of Religion: Hinduism
  26. Galaxy EINET: Hinduism
  27. Gita Supersite (Bhagavad-Gita translations in many languages)
  28. Glasgow University Hindu Society (GUHS)
  29. Global Hindu Electronic Network
  30. Guru Dev
  31. Hare Krishna Home Page
  32. Harsha SatSangh
  33. Hindi Granth Karyalay
  34. Hindu Bibliography (bibliography of Hindu books in English, French, German, Sanskrit)
  35. Hindu Books universe
  36. Hindu Center of Charlotte
  37. Hindu net Australia
  38. Hindupedia (Scotsdale AZ USA)
  39. Hindu Temple of Atlanta
  40. Hindu Unity
  41. Hinduismnet (Dallas Texas USA)
  42. Hinduism
  43. Hinduism
  44. Hinduism
  45. Hinduism
  46. Hinduism: An Eclectic Religious Tradition
  47. Hinduism, the Hidden Resource
  48. Hinduism Home Page
  49. Hinduism in America
  50. Hinduism Related Links
  51. Hinduism Simplified
  52. Hinduism, The World's Oldest Religion
  53. Hindu mythology an beyond
  54. Hindu Resources
  55. Hindu Temple of Atlanta
  56. India Net: Religions
  57. India Yogi
  58. Introduction to Hinduism
  59. Jai Shree Swaminarayan
  60. Jiva Institute of Vedic Arts and Culture
  61. Joseph Campbell Foundation: Hinduism
  62. Sri Kamakya Mahavidya mandir (California and Assam)
  63. Karma and Related Theories
  64. Loka Dharma Seva Foundation Trust
  65. Luthar (Harsha Satsang)
  66. Mahabharata (po polsku) (translation)
  67. Mantras chanting Maha Lakshmi Kali Sarasvati (YouTube video)
  68. Namaste
  69. Nine Questions about Hinduism
  70. On The Nature of Brahman
  71. Oxford Center for Hindu Studies
  72. Panchamuka
  73. Pathways to Metaphysics
  74. Prapatti (Burlington MA USA)
  75. Prasad's Sanatana Dharma Web pages
  76. Ramakrishna Vivekananda Center of New York
  77. Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai
  78. Religion: Hindu Links
  79. Religions of India: Hinduism
  80. RSCI directory on Hinduism
  81. Sacred Bhagavad Gita
  82. Sadhu Sangha
  83. Sanatan weekly online (sanatan society for scientific spirituality)
  84. Sanskar TV
  85. Sanskrit Mantras and Spiritual Power
  86. SAT Ramana (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)
  87. Satya Vidya
  88. Savarkar
  89. Scientific Basis for Vedic Rituals and Customs
  90. Shaivism Home Page
  91. Shiva Shakti Mandalam (Fort Lauderdale FL USA)
  92. Shiva Shakti mandalam
  93. Shree Maa (website in English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish versions)
  94. Silent Soul Sadhana web site
  95. Spiritual net directory (many links to Hindu texts)
  96. Shree Swami Samartha (Akkalkot Maharaj)
  97. Sri Vaishnava Home Page
  98. Sistla (Ottawa Canada)
  99. Veda science
  100. Stephen Knapp and Vedic cultre
  101. Sri Venkateswara Temple (Australia)
  102. Udupi
  103. Uttishthata (a blog on Vivekananda and a magazine to be downloaded in a PDF format)
  104. VEDA
  105. Vedic Culture
  106. Vivekananda Foundation Home Page
  107. World Views: Vedic versus Western
  108. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
  109. Sri Aurobindo Society - Singapore
  110. Svabhinava (including English & French Ph.D thesis on Bhairava)
  111. Swami Sivananda Spiritual Society
  112. US Hindus
  113. Vedanet (American Institute of Vedic Studies)
  114. Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation (sVYASA)
  115. Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation Distance Education program
  116. Wisdom of Vedas
  117. Yoga Darsana sanskrit text and English translation (with downloadable PDF sample)
  118. Yoga for positive health

here are some links to web sites related to Hindu shopping

  1. Arca Vigraha
  2. (latest news : Dear Friend, This email is to inform you of our new pieces that have been recently placed on our site BUDDHIST: BSJ Buddha Vitarka in carved crocodile wood, BDK in raintree wood, The following in Bronze: Tara DTML, and DWML, Buddha Bhumisparsa BMD and BMBK. HINDU: In bronze: Durga DML, Ganesha GMD, The God of wealth Kubera KUMDU, Large Shiva Mahadeva SHMB and Lord Rama RMB Thank you for your attention, LGulliver)
  3. Giri trading

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