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Buddhist links by Roger Garin-Michaud

Buddhist Videos on line

  1. Living on the Path - LamRim module 1- by Kyabje Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche (6 mn42s)
  2. His Holiness the 17th Karmapa teachings on Nagarjuna's letter to a friend (videos and MP3 formats available in Tibetan and English)
  3. new chanting of the Chenrezig mantra by His Holiness the 17th Karmapa (1mn43s)
  4. Lama Thubten Yeshe - Introduction to Tantra part 1 (1h26mn)
  5. His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the Four Noble Truths (part 1 - 1h 30mn 35s)
  6. His Holiness the Dalai-Lama on Heaven and Hell (9mn)

Buddhist Audio files on line

  1. newAudio Tipitaka (Readings of the Pâli suttas by a Sri Lankan monk)
  2. new chanting of the White Tara mantra by His Holiness the 17th Karmapa (2mn33s)
  3. Mantra of Avalokiteshvara (9mn 57s)
  4. Mantra of Avalokiteshvara shorter version (2mn 39s)
  5. Mantra of Avalokiteshvara Tibetan Throat singing version (4mn 05s)
  6. Mantra of Avalokiteshvara choral version (4mn 34s)
  7. Mantra of Avalokiteshvara long version (10mn 28s)

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some links for those who have an interest for sanskrit

  1. To display the Devanagari script in your Internet browser
  2. To test the display of the Devanagari script in your Internet browser
  3. Digital dictionaries of South Asia (UChicago)
  4. Bharati online Sanskrit-English Dictionary
  5. Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
  6. Le dictionnaire Français Sanskrit (FRASKT) d'André Signoret
  7. Monier Wiliams Sanskrit English digital dictionary (Koln university)
  8. Sanskrit- documents list
  9. Spoken Sanskrit online dictionary

For beginners students of Buddhism

  1. 5starsAdvayavada Buddhism Infocenter
  2. (lots of Sutras translated into English)
  3. Advayavada Buddhism Infocenter
  4. Basics of Buddhism
  5. Buddhist art : perfect proportions of a Buddha
  6. Buddhist channel
  7. Buddhist meditation training online
  8. Buddhist ressources on vegetarianism and animal welfare
  9. Free Dharma Books (What Buddha Taught network website)
  10. Dharma center locator
  11. 5starsDharmafarer (Translations of the suttas)
  12. Fundamentals of Buddhism
  13. Gospel of Buddha
  14. Heritage Buddhist Trust
  15. Karuna Asia
  16. Kotan (mapping the Tibetan World)
  17. 5starsJames Tan's Buddhist glossary
  18. Lam Rim Gom (Tibetan Buddhist Internet Radio
  19. 5starsLama Yeshe Wisdom Archive
  20. Nibbana
  21. Noble Eightfold Path (The Way to the End of Suffering) by Bhikkhu Bodhi)
  22. 5starsRessources for the study of Buddhism, compiled by Dr Ron Epstein, Philosophy Department, San Francisco State University
  23. Sutta Central net
  24. Verses from the centre, Mula madhyamaka karika by Nagarjuna, translation by Stephen Batchelor, a must read for all beginners
  25. Vipassana Info
  26. What do you think my friend ? (writings on Buddhism)
  27. What is and isn't Yogacara

if you are looking for books on Buddhism

  1. my Buddhist bibliography
  2. Asian Rare books
  3. Bagchee associates
  4. Buddhists Texts Translation Society
  5. Brill (Leiden)
  6. newBrill Online (Leiden)
  7. Dhagpo Kagyu Library (Dordogne, France)
  8. Librairie d'Amérique et d'Orient A. Maisonneuve (francophone)
  9. Motilal Banarsidass
  10. Otto Harrassowitz
  11. Hindi Granth Karyalay
  12. Paljor Publications (distributor for the "Library of Tibetan Works and Archives", many original Tibetan texts)
  13. Peeters Leuven 3000 Belgium (notably for Etienne Lamotte's translations)
  14. Shambala Publications
  15. Snow Lion Publications

Buddhist mailing lists in English language

  1. Buddhist Statements by Bhikkhu Samahita (on Yahoo Groups)
  2. FPMT (the mailing list of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition on Yahoo Groups)
  3. Kagyu (on Yahoo Groups)
  4. Pali (on Yahoo Groups)
  5. Theravada Buddhists (on Yahoo Groups)
  6. What Buddha Said (on Google Groups)

Buddhist mailing lists in German language

  1. General Buddhism (German language, send an email with "subscribe" as subject)
  2. Zen Forum (German language)

Articles on Wikipedia

  1. Amoghavajra
  2. Bodhisattva
  3. Buddha
  4. Four Noble Truths
  5. Maitreya Buddha
  6. Madhyamaka
  7. Mahayana
  8. Mikkyo
  9. 12 Nidanas
  10. Pratityasamutpada
  11. Schools of Buddhism
  12. Subhakarasimha
  13. Tamluk
  14. Tamralipta
  15. The Three Baskets
  16. Theravada
  17. Vajrayana
  18. Vajrabodhi
  19. Yogacara

Pilgrimage places

  1. Muktinath
  2. History of Muktinath
  3. Muktinath map
  4. Muktinath pictures album

Free Tibet

  1. Free Tibet and You main site
  2. Free Tibet and You club on Yahoo
  3. Tibetlink
  4. Tibet Mirror
  5. Tibet online

new URL for the Maitreya Project

  1. Maitreya Project

some new pages added recently

  1. Little Flowers Creche Dharamsala
  2. Nyingtobling Tibetan handicapped children craft home Dharamsala
  3. my "Zen" sites page

some new Buddhist sites found recently

  1. Ames Karma Kagyu group
  2. Seed syllables
  3. Buddhist blogs
  4. Buddhist Pâli chanting by the Wat Metta Sangha
  5. Karuna Asia
  6. Taisho Tripitaka index (list of important Buddhist scriptures)
  7. Digha Nikaya index (text of some Buddhist scriptures in Pali, English and Sinhala)
  8. Lotus Net calendar of Buddhist events
  9. Tibetan and Chinese astrologies
  10. Jyasa Gyurme Samten Choling
  11. Butterfly (Buddhist ezine and texts)
  12. Tibetan photo projects
  13. Women active in Buddhism
  14. new Panchen Lama long-life prayer by HHDL
  15. The Huntington Archive of Buddhist art
  16. Buddhist Studies at RSCI
  17. World fellowship of Buddhist Youth
  18. Tibetan Buddhist Ressource Center
  19. Evgeny Torchinov's website (Evgeny is Professor at the Department of Oriental Philosophy and Cultural Studies, St Petersburg State University, Russia)
  20. Fundamentals of Buddhism
  21. Bodhi Web
  22. Kalachakra Warriors and their teachings in audio downloadable format
  23. What do you think my friend , ? (writings on Buddhism)
  24. Midwest Buddhist Information Center (Chicago area Buddhist centers)
  25. Asian Classic Release IV
  26. Gyalwa Gyatso Buddhist Center, Silicon Valley USA
  27. Peace Stupas
  28. Christian Coseru's Buddhist resources
  29. Tengye Ling Gelug-pa tradition
  30. Vajrayana Foundation
  31. Access to Insight
  32. Amitabha Foundation
  33. Arya Tara
  34. The Basic Teachings of Buddhism
  35. Bay Zen Center
  36. Buddhism forum at Miningco
  37. The Buddhist Door
  38. Buddhist Studies: Art Resources
  39. Cave of Milarepa
  40. Chozen-ji Kyudo
  41. Christopher Calder New Buddhism
  42. Culasunnatta Sutta
  43. Dai Bai Zan - Cho Bo Zen Ji
  44. Dharma: The Buddhist Web Site
  45. Dharma Haven
  46. DharmaNet International
  47. Diamond Way Australia
  48. The Eight-Fold Teachings
  49. The Electronic Bodhidharma
  50. Eleventh Panchen Erdeni
  51. Facets of Religion: Buddhism
  52. The Four Kinds of Buddhism Today
  53. Fundamental Buddhism Explained
  54. The Future of Buddhism
  55. Global Resources for Buddhist Studies
  56. Golden Lotus World Wide Web
  57. Hongwanji Buddhist Mission of Australia
  58. Introduction to Buddhism UK
  59. Insight Meditation Society Home Page
  60. Japanese Pure Land Buddhism 1
  61. Japanese Pure Land Buddhism 2
  62. Jhampa Shaneman Home Page
  63. KAGYU! Mailing list home Page
  64. Kagyu Shenpen Kunkyab in Geneva
  65. Karmê Chöling: Buddhist Meditation Center
  66. Korean Buddhism
  67. Metta
  68. Milwaukee Zen Group
  69. NCF Buddhism Home Page
  70. Nichiren DaiShonin Buddhism
  71. Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism
  72. On-Line Resource Guide to Buddhism
  73. Scholarly Resources for the Study of Buddhism
  74. A Sangha for the Skeptical Buddhist
  75. Schools of Zen Buddhism
  76. Shambhala World
  77. Shechen Tennyi Dargyeling
  78. 10 Bulls
  79. Tendai Open Buddhist Teachings
  80. Ubiquity Web Page
  81. Vajrayana Buddhist Center (Chicago)
  82. The Venerable Khandro Rinpoche
  83. Vipassana Meditation
  84. Vipassana Tribune
  85. Won Buddhism
  86. Zen At SunSite
  87. Zen Centers (USA)
  88. ZenSite Home Page
  89. Zen Web of Original Mind
  90. Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun
  91. Insight Meditation Society
  92. Buddhist Association United States
  93. Nichiren Shu
  94. Satori Home Page

Buddhist websites in Afghanistan

  1. unknown new address for Arya Buddha

Buddhist websites in Argentina

  1. Lama Tsongkhapa study and meditation group

Buddhist websites in Australia

  1. A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms ( download of this book in .pdf format offered by Buddhanet)
  2. A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms ( download of this book in zip format offered by Adelaide University Australia)
  3. Amitabha gallery (Australia)
  4. Buddhist Education Foundation (in Mandarin script only for the time being)
  5. Buddha's Village (Sydney)
  6. Buddhist Society of Western Australia (Perth)
  7. Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
  8. Chenrezig Institute (main FPMT center for Eudlo and Brisbane region, QLD)
  9. Dewachen (FPMT center for the Mackay region, QLD)
  10. Dhamma Sukha (Melbourne)
  11. Dzogchen Community of Namgyalgar (Australia and Asia Pacific)
  12. Kacho Yulo Ling (Cairns QLD)
  13. Panditarama (Sydney NSW)
  14. Queensland Burmese Buddhist Association (Brisbane)
  15. Rigpa Brisbane
  16. Sakya Losal Choe Dzong - is run by the Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra.
  17. Tibetan Buddhist Society (Beaumaris, Victoria)
  18. Tibetan Buddhist Society (Brisbane)
  19. Tibetan Buddhist Society (Melbourne)
  20. Tibetan Buddhist Society (Perth)
  21. Tibetan Buddhist Society (Sydney)
  22. Kangaroo Island Buddhayatana (SA)

Buddhist websites in Austria

  1. Buddhismus Austria
  2. Buddhist Center (Salzburg)
  3. Kalachakra Graz 2002
  4. Practice of Mindfulness in the Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh
  5. Thekchen Dho-ngag Choeling (Salzburg, Mahayana Sutra Tantra Dharma Center)

Buddhist centers in Benelux

  1. Buddhist sites in Benelux

Buddhist sites in Brazil

  1. Bodisatva magazine
  2. Chagdud gonpa Odsal Ling Brazil (Sao Paulo)
  3. Dharma Net Brazil

Buddhist sites in Canada

  1. Amazenji (Atlin, BC)
  2. Buddhism in Canada
  3. Buddhist astrology (Vancouver Island, BC)
  4. Cloud Rock (BC)
  5. Daruma (Rigaud, Quebec)
  6. Friends of the heart (Toronto, ON)
  7. Sea to Sky Retreat Centre (Whistler, BC)
  8. Shambhala World
  9. Vajra-Yogini practitioners web sites (Vancouver Island, BC)
  10. Yamantaka practitioners web sites (Vancouver Island, BC)

Buddhist sites in China

  1. 4 Buddhist holy mountains in China
  2. United Trungram Buddhist Fellowship (Hong Kong)

Buddhist sites in Finland

  1. Buddhalaisuus Suomessa (Helsinki)

Buddhist sites in France

  1. Brahmajala sutta (traduction française par S. Billard)
  2. ce que le Bouddha a dit sur (traduction française par S. Billard)
  3. La Terre pure d'Amitabha
  4. Autel chez soi (comment monter un)
  5. Bactriane du Nord (recherches archéologiques en)
  6. Bouddha dharma (nouvel annuaire du bouddhisme par Seb Billard)
  7. Buddhaline (French language only for the time being) (Paris)
  8. CCTD : Centre Culturel Tibétain Dzogchenpa (Nyingma Paris)
  9. Dharma Ling (English and French languages) (France and Slovenia)
  10. Discours de Sa Sainteté le Dalai-Lama au Parlement Européen à Strasbourg le 24 octobre 2001
  11. Darshan (some texts translated into French)
  12. Centre Zen de la Falaise Verte (Ardèche)
  13. site web de Ganden Kacheu Ling (Marseille)
  14. site web du centre Kalachakra (Paris 75010)
  15. Site de Thierry Mollandin sur le Bouddhisme Shingon
  16. Musée Guimet (Paris)
  17. Kagyu Zamling Kunkiab (Paris for the time being both English and French versions of the web site)
  18. Centre Kalachakra (Paris)
  19. Librairie Kalachakra (Paris)
  20. Nalanda Monastery (FPMT Monastery in the South West of France near Toulouse)
  21. la page Zen de Michel Proulx (Montpellier)
  22. Sagesses Bouddhistes sur France2
  23. Sakya Sétchène Ling (67520 Kuttolsheim)
  24. Tibet Info
  25. Urgyen Samyé Chöling (Laugeral, Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère 24 290 Montignac-Lascaux)
  26. Institut Vajra Yogini (Lavaur près de Toulouse)
  27. Zen Occidental

Buddhist sites in Germany

  2. Deutsche Buddhistische Union
  3. Dharmapala Thangka Center (Bremen)
  4. Diamond Way (website hosted In Munchen Germany)
  5. Japanese Pure Land Buddhism 1 (Uni. Hamburg)
  6. Japanese Pure Land Buddhism 2 (Uni. Duesseldorf)
  7. Improved online Sanskrit English Monier Williams dictionary (University of Koeln)
  8. M.B. Schiekel Buddhist homepage (Ulm)
  9. Tara Mandala
  10. Zen splitter

Buddhist sites in Hong Kong

  1. Karma Kagyu Cyber world
  2. Chinese Buddhism (in Chinese script)

Buddhist sites in India

  1. The real birth place of the Buddha (in Orissa of course !)
  2. Computer courses for Tibetans (Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh)
  3. Dharamsalanet (Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh)
  4. Dzogchen monastery (Odeyarpalayam, Kollegal Taluk, Chamrajnagar District, Karnataka)
  5. Gaden Shartse Norling college (Mungod Karnataka)
  6. Global Pagoda
  7. Jamyang Choling Institute (Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh)
  8. Lamayuru monastery (Ladakh)
  9. Nowrojee family story (Mac Leod Ganj HP)
  10. Osel Group
  11. Root Institute (FPMT center in Bodh-Gaya India)
  12. Root Institute for Wisdom Culture Bodhgaya District Gaya Bihar 824231, India. Tel: (91) 63-22-00-714 Tel/fax: (91) 63-22-00-548
  13. Shalin Craft (Gurgaon India)
  14. Tashi Lunpo monastery (Bylakuppe near Mysore, Karnataka)
  15. Tibet Net (Dharamsala)
  16. Tibet Times (Dharamsala)

Buddhist sites in Indonesia

  1. Kadam Choeling (Bandung)
  2. Wihara (translation into Indonesian of some Buddhist texts)

Buddhist sites in Ireland

  1. Chagchen (Alex Wilding's site)

Buddhist sites in Italy

  1. Il Dharma del Tibet
  2. Lam Rim Institute (Geshe Gedun Tharchin)
  3. Mahayana IT
  4. buddismo con la b minuscola
  5. Vasubandhu

Buddhist sites in Japan

  1. Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
  2. Tendai Lotus

Buddhist sites in Malaysia

  1. Buddhist Gem Fellowship Malaysia
  2. Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia
  3. Kagyu Asia
  4. Karma-Kagyu Dharma society Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  5. Karma-Kagyu Dharma society Kuching Sarawak Malaysia
  6. Ratna Shri Malaysian Buddhist centers (pour apprendre à écrire le Tibétain)
  7. Saraha Buddhist society Johor Bahru Malaysia
  8. Venerable Dhammananda

Buddhist sites in Mexico

  1. Casa Tibet Mexico

Buddhist sites in Nepal

  1. Buddha Dharma International Foundation
  2. Kopan Monastery, Bodhanath Nepal
  3. Lumbini Interactive
  4. Shree Gaden Dhargyay Ling monastery (Pokhara)
  5. Tibetan nuns in Kathmandu
  6. Triyana Dharma Sangha (Swayambunath Kathmandu valley)

Buddhist sites in the Netherlands

  1. Advayavada Buddhism
  2. BoeddhaNed
  3. Boeddhisme Pagina

Buddhist sites in New Zealand

  1. Amitabha Hospice Service (FPMT Auckland)
  2. Enlightened Heart (Karma Kagyu)

Buddhist websites in Panama

  1. Poyin unknown new address for this web site (in Cantonese only for the time being)

Buddhist sites in Poland

  1. Buddyzm Wprost (Poland)

Buddhist sites in Portugal

  1. Dharmanet Brasil list of Buddhist centers in Portugal

Buddhist web sites in Russia

  1. Russian Buddhist Association (in Russian language)
  2. Russian Buddhist Association (in English language)

Buddhist sites in Singapore

  1. Charitable Assistance Society Singapore
  2. Karma-Kagyud Singapore
  3. Lion city buddhism forum
  4. Nanyang technological University Buddhist society
  5. National University of Singapore Buddhist society
  6. Shangpa Online
  7. The Minding Centre (Piya Tan, Singapore)

Buddhist sites in Spain

  1. Budismo Tibetano (In Spanish only)
  2. Rigpa Spain

Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka

  1. Dhamma Radio (In Sinhalese only)
  2. What Buddha said (In plain English !!!)

Buddhist sites in Switzerland

  1. Bouddha ch
  2. Rabten Choeling
  3. Rabten Foundation
  4. Rabten Mahayana Monastic University (german language website)
  5. SBU : Schweizerische Buddhistische Union
  6. Zen Genève

Buddhist sites in Taiwan

  1. Amitayu (Chinese and English versions of this website)
  2. Marcus Bingenheimer at the Dharma Drum Buddhist College (super list of translations in the BZA project)

Buddhist sites in Thailand

  1. Kuisomchai's Buddhist monk's site unknown address for this website in Thai language only for the time being

Buddhist sites in the UK

  1. Ancient India at the British Museum (London, UK)
  2. Ancient India and Iran Trust (Cambridge)
  3. Buddhism Connect and Awakened Heart Sangha (Gwynedd)
  4. Buddhist Education Foundation (UK)
  5. Buddhist Education Foundation Dharma texts (UK)
  6. Community of interbeing (Thich Nhat Hanh)
  7. Dechen
  8. Imperial college Buddhist Society (UK)
  9. Jayaravosphere webmaster of Visible Mantra USA (London, UK)
  10. Journal of Buddhist ethics
  11. Namo Amitabha website by Vincent Lai (UK)
  12. ULUBUDA : University of London Buddhist Association (UK)
  13. Vipassana

Buddhist sites in Ukraine

  1. Dhamma wheel Kiev Ukraine

Buddhist sites in the USA

  1. Ames Karma Kagyu group (Iowa)
  2. Seed syllables
  3. Buddhism on
  4. Access to Insight (Readings in Theravada Buddhism) (hosted in Brea, CA)
  5. Buddhist forum on
  6. Asian Classics Institute of Los Angeles (hosted in Houston, TX)
  7. Gary Gach's annotated portal to online Buddhist resources
  8. About Zen (website hosted at Milpitas, CA)
  9. Bay Area Shambala (San Francisco CA)
  10. Elkira Buddhism page (unknown location)
  11. Bhavana society (WV)
  12. Buddha Dust (San Jose, CA)
  13. Buddha Nature Dharma Center. P.O. Box 591832. Houston, Tx 77259-1832
  14. Buddhist events in the USA (hosted in Provo, UT)
  15. Buddhist peace fellowship (CA)
  16. Chagdud Gonpa, Junction City, CA
  17. Dagon Gaden Tensun Ling Tibetan Buddhist monastery (Bloomington, Indiana)
  18. Daibutsuji Zen Temple (Las Cruces NM)
  19. Desmond B. Chiong Buddhist bookstore (CA)
  20. (Milpitas, CA)
  21. Dhamma Kamala's blog on live spaces (Columbus, OH)
  22. Dharma Access Project (Buddhist prayers in Braille San Francisco CA)
  23. Dharma media ( Drikung Kagyu à vérifier)
  24. Dharma Realm Buddhist Youth (Berkeley, CA)
  25. Dechen Ling (Seattle, WA)
  26. Dharma Temple
  27. Diamond Way (website hosted In Munchen Germany)
  28. Dorje Ling (Jonang tradition, website in GA)
  29. Drikung (Orlando, FL)
  30. Engaged Buddhism
  31. E-Sangha
  32. Forest way Insight meditation center (VA)
  33. FPMT (main website)
  34. FPMT Radio (lots of teachings to download in audio format)
  35. Frederick Tibetan Meditation center (Drikung Kagyu) (MD)
  36. Garchen Buddhist Institute (AZ)
  37. Gardrolma Choling ( Drikung Kagyu Kettering, OH à vérifier)
  38. Gay men Buddhist Sangha (San Francisco, CA)
  39. Dr Hayes download page (university of NM)
  40. Honmon Butsuryushu Nichiren Buddhism (DC)
  41. Indiana Buddhist center (Indianapolis)
  42. Internet Encylopedia of Philosophy (although this is not per se a "Buddhist" website this text on Nagarjuna could be worth reading !!!)
  43. Investigating the mind (D.C.)
  44. Jet city orange for mobile phones (Jerry Whiting, West Seattle, WA)
  45. Kagyu Changchub Chuling (Portland, OR)
  46. Kagyu Droden Kunchab, (San Francisco, CA)
  47. Kailash Zone Jangchub Ling ( Drikung Kagyu à vérifier)
  48. Kechara Paradise (Buddhist shopping website hosted in Newark, NJ)
  49. Kurukulla center (Gelugpa FPMT) (MA)
  50. Kagyu Shedrup Chöling (center in Hollywood FL)
  51. Karmê Chöling: Buddhist Meditation Center (Vermont)
  52. Karma Thegsum Chöling Karma Kagyu (Tampa Bay FL)
  53. Khandro cloudbanks of Dakas and Dakinis (SF, CA)
  54. Kunzang Palyul Choling, (Poolesville MD)
  55. Lam Rim Chen Mo MP3 files
  56. Lama Marut (hosted in Brea, CA)
  57. Libertynet (Tibetan Buddhist center of Philadelphia)
  58. Losel Maitri (Birmingham AL)
  59. Lotus Net calendar of Buddhist events (UT)
  60. Mahabodhi Net (LA, CA)
  61. Mahasiddha (San Diego, CA)
  62. Maitreya project (NY, NY)
  63. Meditate in Chicago (IL) (a NKT center)
  64. Meditation Club (TX)
  65. Mindfulness in the workplace (MA)
  66. Mipham Rinpoche
  67. Nalandabodhi network of Karma Kagyu centers (WA)
  68. Nechung Dorje Drayang Ling (Ka'u HI)
  69. New York Buddhist Vihara
  70. Nun without borders (San Francisco CA but travelling worldwide)
  71. Nyingma Institute (Berkeley Hills, SF, CA)
  72. Osel Shenpen Ling(FPMT Gelugpa) (Missoula MT)
  73. Padmasambhava World Peace project (TX)
  74. Palyul (NY, NY)
  75. Philadelphia meditation center (PA)
  76. Quiet Mountain (unknown location)
  77. Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women (Honolulu, HI 96822)
  78. Shenpen Osel (Hawaii ???)
  79. Simhanada The Lion's Roar (website hosted at Milpitas, CA)
  80. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy articles on Buddhism (website hosted at San Jose, CA)
  81. Staten Island Buddhist Vihara(Theravada) (NY, NY)
  82. Tantra : weaving
  83. Tendai
  84. Tendai US (MN)
  85. Texas Buddhist stupa (TX)
  86. Thu vien hoasen (Vietnamese language website located in LA, CA, the English language section list Sutras for download from other websites)
  87. Tibetan Cultural Center (Gelugpa Bloomington IN à vérifier)
  88. Tsem Tulku (Website hosted in Philly)
  89. Turtle Hill (TN)
  90. Urban Dharma (Newark, NJ) (large section of Buddhist texts and calendars for download in pdf format)
  91. Vajranatha (John Reynolds, Chicago, IL)
  92. Vajrayana Buddhist Center (Chicago, IL)
  93. Vipassana Foundation (Las Vegas, NV, offers a free Dharma Book)
  94. Visible Mantra (website hosted at Orlando, FL)
  95. Word of the Buddha (New York, NY)
  96. Yongey Peace Prevails (Phoenix AZ)
  97. Zen at University of North Texas (TX)
  98. Zen community (Boston)
  99. Zen dust

Buddhist sites in Vietnam

  1. Buddha Sasana by Venerable Binh Anson

sites on Tibetan medicine

  1. Medicine Tibet

Buddhist shopping

  1. Arca Vigraha
  2. Buddha brilliant (UK based website)
  3. Buddha gifts
  4. Buddha realm
  5. Desmond B. Chiong Buddhist bookstore (CA)
  6. Exotic India Art
  7. Himalayan high treks (trekking in Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim)
  8. Kechara Paradise (Buddhist shopping website hosted in Newark, NJ)
  9. Monk store (Thailand)
  10. Namse Bandzo Bookstore (Woodstock NY, USA)
  11. Save Tibet Tea
  12. Shalin Craft (Gurgaon India)
  13. Snow Lion Publications (books and ritual objects)
  14. Tibet Spirit (incense, ritual objects etc)
  15. Tibetan Dharma items at the RainForest Site (US tax deductible donations can be made from this site)
  16. Tibetan prayer flags
  17. Treasures from around the world
  18. Zambala (LA, CA)

Here are some links gathered from

  1. Asynchronous School of Buddhist Dialectics
  2. Dharma Haven
  3. Jhampa Shaneman - Buddhist astrology, Thubten Choling, and background information.
  4. Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Centre - Meditation courses, Buddhist teachings, Tibetan medicine and therapy, and the Holy Island Project.
  5. Tibetan Buddhism
  6. Tibetan Buddhist Resource - comprehensive links to Tibetan Buddhist centers, Tibetan arts & crafts, and educational file sources.
  7. Dhargyey Buddhist Centre of Dunedin - regular meetings and classes are held at the Centre covering Buddhist philosophy, meditation and practice, as well as Tibetan language. All classes are free and open to the public.
  8. Dzogchen Foundation - preserving the teachings of Dzogchen and transmitting them to Westerners in an accessible form.
  9. Karma Kagyu Thigsum Chokhorling - Buddhist study and retreat facility accepted by H.H. XV1 Gyalwa Karmapa as his New Zealand headquarters.
  10. Karmê Chöling - Buddhist meditation center founded by Venerable Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.
  11. Milarepa Fund, The - non-profit organization started by the Beastie Boys in 1994 to raise funds for helping the Tibetan people..
  12. Namgyal Monastery Online - info about monastery and the Institute of Buddhist Studies, plus other links, sounds, and images of a related nature.
  13. Nyingma Centers - founded by Head Lama Tarthang Tulku, a reincarnate master, the Center offers education through six non-profit institutions and service organizations.
  14. Padmasambhava Buddhist Center - devoted to the study and teaching of Tibetan Buddhism, and the preservation of Tibetan culture.
  15. Rokpa - presents the work of Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche in the fields of Tibetan Buddhism, humanitarian aid and therapy.
  16. Sakya Losal Choe Dzong - is run by the Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra.
  17. Shambhala - Buddhist meditation, creating enlightened society, and Shambhala Training (non-religious application of meditation in everyday life).
  18. Dalai Lama - Tibetans in exile.
  19. Nobel Prize for Peace: Acceptance Speech, Oslo, Norway, 1989 by Tenzin Gyatso, 16th Dalai Lama of Tibet ........ transcribed by Jessica Brown, for Mountain Man Graphics, Australia, 2nd Day of (the Sou

some FPMT centers

  1. Himalayan Buddhist Meditation Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal
  2. Kopan Monastery, Bodhanath Nepal
  3. Kurukulla Center(new URL) in Boston, Massachussets, USA
  4. Maitreya Instituut, Ernst Netherlands
  5. Nalanda Monastery in St. Georges, France
  6. Osel Shen Phen Ling, Missoula Montana USA
  7. Root Institute, Bodh-Gaya India
  8. Vajra Yogini near Toulouse, France

Tibetan Buddhism

  1. Nyingma Centers
  2. Coombs Paper Archives -- Tibetan Studies
  3. Shambhala
  4. Snow Lion Publications
  5. His Holiness Penor Rinpoche and the Palyul Lineage
  6. Journal of Buddhist Ethics
  7. Lama Surya Das
  8. Dzogchen Foundation
  9. Dhargyey Buddhist Center, Dunedin, New Zealand.
  10. The Mind-Only Cafe
  11. Quiet Mountain Tibetan Buddhist Page


  1. World Tibet News Archive
  2. The Office of Tibet - London
  3. Tibet Online Resources Guide
  4. Milarepa - Tibetan Freedom Concerts
  5. Faces of Tibet

here is a few Gelug-pa centers


  1. Kadampa Center - calendar, Kadampa Prayer Flag newsletter about Tibetan Buddhism.
  2. Manjushri Center
  3. Milarepa Center
  4. Tara Mandala (South Germany)

here is a list of some Sakya-pa centers

  1. Sakya Losal Choe Dzong (canberra, australia)
  2. Sakyapa Nun's Project (australia)

here is a list of some Kagyu-pa centers

  1. Drukpa-Kagyu organization
  2. International Drukpa publications
  3. Diamond Way Buddhist Center - part of a network of 180 Buddhist centers practicing in the Karma Kagyu tradition of Vajra-Yana or Tibetan Buddhism.
  4. Kagyu Droden Kunchab - Vajrayana Buddhism center. Includes articles by Kagyu-pa masters and event and membership information.
  5. Kagyu Shedrup Chöling (center in Hollywood FL)
  6. Karma Tashi Ling buddhistsenter - Kagyu-pa School center (in Norwegian).
  7. Karma Mahasiddhi Ling
  8. Nalandabodhi network of Karma Kagyu centers (WA)
  9. Nitartha International Tibetan texts and fonts
  10. Kagyu Samye Ling
  11. Ocean of Merit
  12. The Dechen Community (u.k.)
  13. Chang Chub Ling/ Bodhisattva Institute,(Tucson, AZ)
  14. Drikung Kagyu
  15. Karma Kagyu Thigsum Chokhorling, (new zealand)
  16. Kagyu Droden Kunchab, (San Francisco, CA)
  17. Tsurphu Foundation and the 17th Karmapa

here is a list of some Nyingma centers

  1. Dzogchen Foundation - preserving the teachings of Dzogchen and transmitting them to Westerners in an accessible form.
  2. The Nyingma Lineage
  3. Nyingma Centers - founded by Head Lama Tarthang Tulku, a reincarnate master, the Center offers education through six non-profit institutions and service organizations
  4. Nyingma Institute (Tarthang Tulku)
  5. Chagdud Gonpa, Junction City, CA
  6. Kunzang Palyul Choling, Poolesville Maryland
  7. Center for Dzogchen Studies
  8. Tashi Choling: The Retreat Center for Yeshe Nyingpo
  9. The Dzogchen Foundation
  10. Padmasambhava Buddhist Center
  11. Lotus Clearlight Buddhist Community (los angeles, ca)
  12. Shambhala International

and last but not least the site of Namgyal Monastery is at : and they listed the following sites

Buddhist Related

  1. Buddhist Studies Library
  2. Snow Lion Publications
  3. Tiger Team Buddhist Information Network
  4. Drikung Kagyu Enlightenment Institute
  5. Dharma in Vancouver

Tibet Related

  1. Tibetan Studies Library
  2. Free Tibet Home Page
  3. Brown University Students for a Free Tibet

Other Sites of Interest

  1. Earth Echo

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